Cedar Stay Fence

I have always LOVED cedar stay fences, cedar arbors, cedar columns…etc. Basically, I really like cedar! It has a very rustic, ranchy look to it, and I have always thought that it can really finish out a fence, making it look professional, complete and beautiful.

My husband and I have been gradually adding improvements to our property, month-by-month, and have made some huge advances! But we are nowhere near where we would like to be. Our property is surrounded by a pipe fence, and then we have a 2 acre lot fenced off north of our house, and our house is fenced off. This has all been done with the same silver pipe. However, the fencing on different legs of the fence is different.

We have snow fence, hog wire, bull wire, barbed wire and slick wire – it makes for an awfully unslightly fence!

The border fences are in pretty good condition, however I would like to paint them something other than silver…maybe red or white. Our next project concerns the fence that surrounds the house and barn.

I would love for our cedar stay fence to look like this!

Or this…

And we could make an arbor so I could plant some crawling plants! Honey Suckle, and roses would be gorgeous!

Through the Livestock Weekly, we found a dealer out of Lubbock that sells stays for $1.75 a piece… much cheaper (by about $.50 and closer than the other cedar dealers we have found.)

So our plan is to go buy a load of stays, and gradually start tying them in. We will need to paint the pipe fence, and clear any brush that is currently growing in the fenceline, paint the pipe, and weld up a few portions of the fence where the pipe was not welded correctly from the beginning.

To prepare for building the fence, we need to remove all of the dead willows and poplars from the fence line, and take our tractor and scrape out the excess sand build up so we have a level start. Jeff started pulling the dead trees out yesterday and it looks so much better! I will post pictures soon!

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Stay Fence

  1. Woohoo! I think that will look great!

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